No. 3

Pamphlet No. 3, The OBVERSE / L’Avers, contains a series of short poems by French writer Dorothée Piffard.  A bilingual edition makes the collaboration between the poet herself and translator/editor Olivia Heal explicit.


 ”  On the mountain  /  the fruits on  /  the multisecular trees  /  grow and glut  /  for no one –  “

Each pamphlet has a unique painting by Julien Bobo inserted as frontispiece.  Not interpretation nor immediate response, his work reiterates the far-sighted and exploratory wordage of the poet.

Paintings by Julien Bobo in Frontispiece

Paintings by Julien Bobo in Frontispiece

Soft-bound in Hahnemuhle coloured cotton rag paper tied with linen thread.  120mmx190mm.  8 pp.   In an edition of 50 numbered copies. £10

 Poet and painter, Dorothée and Julien, have produced a limited edition of 11 individual offprints from The OBVERSE / L’Avers containing a series of artworks by Julien Bobo.  Please contact Olivia Heal to know more.

Offprint Title Page


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